Friday, November 20, 2015

Report #5: Facts about Myself and Academic Writing

I can’t believe that I’ve passed 20 days of my 30 day writing challenge. I officially announce that I’m proud of myself. I thought I would quit it after 10 days. But you know, regular reporting in front of public makes you more responsible. Besides, there wasn’t a day I wanted to stop. Are there life-time writing challenges?

Day #17: Post about your Zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you.

I’ve posted but I really don’t know. I used to be suspicious about this Horoscope thing but the more I read, the more I find some similar description that fit my personality characteristics. So, I’m really lost here.

Day #18: Write 30 facts about yourself.

I appeared that most of the facts deal with films, books and music. My constant companions in life J

Day #19: List the most difficult things for you in academic writing.

Although I love my job, I can’ say that it is easy. Vice versa, it’s pretty complicated. But when I overcome some difficulties connected with my job, I become even happier than I am. So, it’s worth it.

Day #20: Take any referencing and change it according MLA, APA and Chicago style.

Ugh … Can’t say that it is the most pleasant stage of my challenge, but I need to do this. This is the weak spot I need to beat.

Sugarman, Joseph. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word. Las Vegas: DelStar, 1998. Print.

Sugarman, J. (1998). Advertising secrets of the written word. Las Vegas: DelStar.

Sugarman, Joseph. “Advertising Secrets of the Written Word”. Las Vegas: DelStar (1998).

Done. 10 more days and I'll tell you how 30 day writing challenge makes my life better.