Thursday, March 23, 2017

15+ MS Word Hacks to Work Twice as Less on Your Orders

Most writers use MS Office Word. How much time does it take you to complete a writing assignment on a par? Sit well, I will tell you some secrets how to tackle them faster, and thus be able to take more tasks in one run and earn more cash.

1. Ctrl+C

Need to use a word or a sentence once more in the text? Do not waste your time typing it afresh. Select the needed text fragment, press Ctrl+C. Now, the needed line is saved in your computer’s memory, just choose where you have to put this phrase and click Ctrl+V.

2. Ctrl+A

If you have to select the whole text of your paper, especially, if it is a large one, you do not have to scroll through the whole document. Press Ctrl+A and your text is already selected, no matter how long it is.

3. Ctrl+B

Need to make a word or a sentence bold? Here is a quick solution! Select a needed part of the text and press Ctrl+B – presto – the needed fragment is already in bold type.

4. Ctrl +I

Need to set a word/line/sentence/etc. in italics? Select a needed passage – or whatever you want – and press Ctrl+I.

5. Ctrl +H

Have to substitute an element? You do not have to do this manually! Press Ctrl+H, mention the element you want to substitute as well as the element you want to see instead. After clicking ‘apply’, the selected item will be changed throughout the whole text.

6. Ctrl +S

To be on the safe side, save your document from time to time. Just press Ctrl+S and the there you are.

7. Ctrl +X

You may need to cut a fragment and put it somewhere else. In this case, just select a needed set of words, press Ctrl+X, rollover the needed place and press Ctrl+V.

8. Ctrl +U

Need to emphasize a word? Make it underlined! Choose a word and press Ctrl+U.

9. Ctrl +[ or Ctrl+]

Your font is too large, or too small? It is easily amendable! Select a needed fragment of the whole text and press Ctrl+] to make it smaller, or Ctrl+[ to make it bigger.

10. Ctrl +E

In most cases, writers are required to make a centered layout. Just select the whole text and press Ctrl+E. Now, the layout is straight and more attractive.

11. Ctrl + R / L

At times, you will need to make some sentences right/left aligned. Choose a needed fragment click Ctrl+R to make it right aligned, or Ctrl+L - left aligned.

12. Ctrl +Z/Y

Have done something by mistake? Or, maybe you have deleted something erroneously? Cancel the last operation pressing Ctrl+Z on your keyboard, or repeat the action - press Ctrl+Y. The day of doom is off!

13. Ctrl + F

Searching for a phrase in your text? Do not waste time running through the whole document, press Ctrl+F and let it know what exactly you are looking for.

14. Alt+ 4

Saving a document? Need to create a specific folder for it? It is no problem! Press Alt+4, and here you are, a new folder is crafted.

15. Ctrl +P

The paper is done and you want to print it to present it to your friends, family or even a client? Click Ctrl+P and wait for your ‘precious’ near your printing device.

16. Ctrl + Backspace/Del

Whoohoo! There is no more reason to waste time on pressing ‘Spaceback’ hundred times! Click Ctrl+Backspace to delete the whole word to the left of the cursor, or Ctrl+Del to remove the word to the right of the cursor.

17. Ctrl +M

Want your text to be more readable? Make a left indentation at the beginning of every new passage. Place a cursor at the beginning of an abstract, press Ctrl+M and show the reader where a new idea starts.

Sure, writing takes much time and efforts, but you can ease this process. Grab this list of hot keys that will come in handy while crafting your next paper. Do your best to submit the work beforehand as well as to get down to a new job in advance.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Guys, How Do You Overcome a Writer’s Block Depression?

Quite often I hear academic writers grumbling at writer’s block telling they need a break. As you can guess, the next problem, they complain about, is a low financial position. So, today I want to share with you some hints on how to subdue such an ‘illness’ without discounting your work.

As for me, the most effective way is to entertain yourself. Watch a film, for example. Each movie is a short story that isn’t taken off the mark. All films are based on people's experience. Consequently, they can come in handy to overcome any troubles.

Here is a list of my suggestions for you.

1. Central Intelligence, 2016

Remember that nothing in this world is impossible! If you like comedy films, you will enjoy this picture for sure. Do you remember your school time? Was there a person you have been scoffing at? Be cagy; they might knock your door right now. To put bluntly, see how a whipping boy has become a stand-up guy.

‘I worked out six hours a day, every day, for last twenty years straight!’ - this was his peg to hang success on, so why not make it your own motto, huh?

2. Dallas Buyers Club, 2013

Some people face problems that are more complicated than a writer’s block. This film isn’t funny, but it will make you muse on other issues to realize that lack of inspiration is not, actually, an issue!

A man was an AIDS sufferer, but he has made the call not to give up and stand up for his life. Having found some medicines for AIDS, he starts surreptitious sale to help other people who suffer from such a malady.

3. War Dogs, 2016

It is always useful to mull over the real-life problems, but at times, we want to watch something relaxing as well as fun. In this case, I recommend you come down to this movie. This picture, based on real life events, shows how two simple mates have reached their dream, having inked a $300-million deal.

The main slogan of the film is “An American dream”, so bear in mind, if you desire, you will hit the target for sure! 

4. Hacksaw Ridge, 2016

If you are a drama fan, you will find this picture quite impressive as well as inspiring. It dwells upon the story of a man who was proclaimed objector during the World War II due to his unwillingness to kill people.

This film will help you realize that nothing should make you give up your views of life as well as your personal goals.

5. The Founder, 2016

Do you like McDonald’s? Sure, yes! At times, we all want to do or eat something we know won’t do any good for our health. Here is a movie that will tell you the full story of such a household name.

The slogan sounds as follows ‘He took someone else's idea and America ate it up!’ Keep in mind that it is not always needed to make up topics that are created from scratch; look through the other’s work and specify their subject to make up your own mustard.

Ray Kroc says that only one thing has helped him – persistence! So, show your perseverance at writing, and craft this all-fired piece!

Most people consider films, books, songs and other kinds of entertainment as tools to relax and abstract themselves from the daily grind. Of course, they help us have some rest, but it is not the only benefit that we can gobble up.

If you dig a bit deeper, you will see that films have many beneficial sides. The only thing I want to add is:

“Stop pitying yourself! Man up and show your best self! In case, you haven't enough motivation, choose a film from this list and let it charge you with motivation!” Enjoy, my dear. Hope to hear about your success soon :)