Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Lily: An Unexpected Journey

Buenos dias, mis amigos! ;)

Nice to meet you again. I really missed you, but now I am back and ready to share with you everything I have seen while being away! :)

Earlier, when I was to handle a paper for my client, I wrote an article on the interesting facts about Norway. This time I covered a new country, I had to write a paper concerning the progressive cities in Spain. The only thing I can say that it was so interesting to find out the information about such a fascinating country that it became my dream to visit Spain someday.

And guess what? When I was dealing with this project, I got a message from my Spanish childhood friend, Beth. She said that they moved with her family to a new house in Spain and she would like to invite me to visit them. It was really surprising and, of course, I said “yes”!

Beth’s daughter is my goddaughter, and it was double good news for me: I would see my godchild as well as visit Spain, as I have been dreaming. Then I realized, the luck was on my side! :)
Honestly, Spain wasn’t as I’d read, it was in many times better and more beautiful! Let me assure you that the information you know about this country may confuse you to draw a wrong conclusion :)

Spanish Is a Lovely Language

In Spain there are 410 million native speakers, so, Spanish is considered to be the second most spoken language all over the world. It is an official language in 21 countries. Indeed, it is quite difficult to hear what one is saying, as they do it very fast, but the language is so melodic that you want to hear it again and again.

The Art in Spain Is Everywhere

The most famous artists of the 20th century, like Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, were both Spanish. Salvador Dali’s the most expensive picture, Portrait de Paul Eluard, earned $22.4 million. His way of painting became an idol for many followed artists like José Roosevelt.


Women Rock in Spain

40% of all the businesses in Spain belong to women. They have proved that female is not a verdict. For instance, Cathriona Hallahan, the managing director of Microsoft, joined the Microsoft team just after school, in 1986, without any qualifications. Having been working for 28 years, she became the managing director in 2013.

Not As Lazy As We Consider Spanish People to Be

Spanish people are considered to be ones of the laziest people. Indeed, it is not totally correct. Spanish people usually have a working day that starts at 9 a.m. and finishes at 8 p.m. As in all other countries, they also have some time for lunch, as they call it “siesta”. Most people think that during this period they are just having fun in bars, but indeed, this time they use for business meetings as well.

The Nation with a Great Sense of Humor

They have a great number of festivals to celebrate and they do it in such a fantastic way that you want to visit them again and again. La Tomatina is one of the most famous holidays in Spain. This day, people meet in town square and start fighting with tomatoes. The whole action lasts for an hour, but after it, the festival keeps going and people find any places to wash themselves. I think it is really funny! :)

These are some facts that I have learned from this trip. Of course, it is not the whole list of them. So, my advice to you: travel as much as possible! It is great and you will never get bored with it! :)

Moreover, I want you to share your stories with me. Which countries have you recently visited? What has spurred you into such an action?

Waiting for your tellings ;)