Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Report #3: Adele and Academic Writing

So, here I am with the 3rd report, still eager to tell you what I have been doing and how everything has been going. I don’t want to rush the things but I just can’t miss the chance to say that this challenge is changing me and my attitude to my work. We’ll see what comes next. I’m very excited. Very.

Here is my portion of writing.

Day #6: Five snacks that get you concentrated on the assignment.

Well, I like talking about snacks.

·         Roasted peanuts;
·         Vanilla yogurt;
·         Carrot sticks;
·         Gummy lollies;
·         Banana chips.

Few months ago I would add cookies and candies here, but now I try to brace myself up and avoid these evil snacks and you know why.

Day #7: List 10 songs that you’re loving right now.
1.       Adele – Hello
2.       Glass Animals – Love Lockdown
3.       James Brown – This Is a Man’s World
4.       Flyte – Eloise
5.       Pharrell Williams – Freedom
6.       Hozier – Foreigner’s God
7.       Prince George – Upswing
8.       Khai – Do You Go Up
9.       Oh Wonder – Landslide
10.   The Weeknd – I Can’t Feel My Face

Day #8: Share something you struggle with.

I wrote an essay on my fears because I struggle with them every day as any other human being. They are connected with my career and it’s difficult to talk about them. But I feel much better having written it on the paper. Advise you to do the same.

Day #9: Post some motivational quotes that inspire your academic writing.

Day #10: Write about something that really matters to you.

How I spend my life with my family is the thing that matters me a lot. That’s what I have written about.

Next report in 5 days J

To be continued …