Thursday, November 5, 2015

Report #2: Stephen King & Academic Writing

I am very glad that I’ve taken this 30 day writing challenge. Believe it or not I think about it all the time and it makes me feel so happy. It’s one of the best decisions that I’ve made.
I chose to write in a notebook. I don’t really know why, maybe because it feels more personal. So, here we go. My 2nd report.

Day #2: Write an essay “The reason I chose academic writing”.

I don’t know how many words I wrote (this is paper notebook) but it rushed out of me without stops. I wrote for thirty minutes and it covered six sheets from both sides. I really admit that academic writing plays a very important role in my life not only because of the benefits I listed in my previous report. But because it changed my life, my routine and me. I write, work and learn. Isn’t that just amazing?

Day #3: Find the paper that you consider your best and justify your choice.

Well, I dug deep to find this one. My favorite type of academic writing is essay and papers of this type take up almost all of my storage space. Of course, I don’t have all texts I wrote (after all, I’ve been 16 years in academic writing business) but I certainly can choose among available. It’s an essay on “How Reading Influences Life”. I think you already understand why I chose this text. Because I wrote it with so much passion as a true book lover and bookworm that I could barely give it away. I will read it to my children when they grow up because there are my thoughts on why everybody on this planet should read every day. And I’m sure they’ll understand it.

Day #4: Write about someone who inspires you.

I even didn’t need to think. Of course, I wrote about Stephen King because this is the writer I respect and admire. I read his books and constantly find topics for essays because he always touches upon serious sociological issues and that’s incredible. Who knew that it’s possible to combine Stephen King and academic writing?

Day #5: List 5 places that you consider the most comfortable and workable for academic writing.

1.       My reading nook. It’s the best place when I have to write about something light.
2.       My kitchen. I have a very comfortable chair and table there.
3.       Park. Mostly because of the sunlight and fresh air.
4.       Café. Sometimes a little bit of bustling is all I need to get started.
5.       Beach. Though I rarely get the chance to enjoy it, I use every opportunity I have.

That’s my report for now. I have to say that I enjoyed these 5 day much. And you?