Sunday, November 1, 2015

Report #1: How I Start My 30 Day Writing Challenge

Ok, guys. It's November, 1 and I start my #30DayWritingChallenge. It's nice to begin your day with writing as always and I feel fresh and full of will and strength. You know, when you realize that you do such cool things the sun shines brighter, I swear! You have such an elevated feeling that you can do anything and impossible is nothing.

So, getting down to business.

Day #1: List 7 things that you like about freelance academic writing.

Well, that's pretty easy :)

1. I can take up any topic I want to write on.
2. I organize my time and work load myself.
3. I've got the most useful skill ever: researching.
4. I constantly get to know tons of new things.
5. My speech has become more sophisticated and it's improving every day.
6. I have become flexible in terms of different types of writing.
7. Communication with different clients boosts socializing skills a lot.

Here they are: 7 things I like about freelance academic writing. I can certainly name more because this type of work is the best.

My next report is scheduled on November, 5 and it will surely be bigger, so, get ready to read my stories.

To be continued ...