Monday, July 28, 2014

500 Miles to Walk

Let’s imagine you are a good writer (don’t get offended at the word “imagine”). You’ve got some trusted customers, you got used to working at custom writing services and on your own. Besides, you developed something like a personal writing style. Well, good news – you did reach a certain success. Bad news – you are very close to reaching a limit. Every writer has to face this problem sooner or later. You reach the limit, where everything satisfies you. And the biggest danger about this – you can forget about self-development. Why look for a good thing when you have one?

Once More, with Feeling

Don’t let yourself get into this trap. Every time you feel absolutely content, change something. Take harder orders. Switch the paper topics, make a research in a field, completely unknown to you. Find a new custom writing service. Look for a strict customer. Give yourself a shake-up. Writer should never get stuck in the same place!

Read More and Mind the Words

Try to read at least two books in a week. It does not even matter what you read – fiction, non-fiction, professional literature, or scientific works. You need to do it in order to expand your vocabulary. When a writer only uses same words in every order, it means his literary death. So remember more words and idioms, and use them!

Take a Break

Holidays and vacations are extremely important to everyone! Even to freelancers, although they often forget about it. When you feel that you are writing yourself out – take a break for several days. Make a trip somewhere – at least, to the town next to yours. Gain new experience, inspire and entertain yourself. You will come back to your writing place with new ideas and with the strength to accomplish them.