Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Say "No" to Hard Breakups

Sooner or later, there is always this awkward moment, when you realize that two of you cannot walk together any further. Sometimes there are many small reasons for it, sometimes there is only a single big one. But, anyways, let's imagine, that you've made up your mind and it's time for you both to walk the paths of life separately. Well, perhaps, now it's proper time to tell the news to your... customer. But hey, there is no need to burn your bridges! Make sure your breakup goes nice and easy.

1. Be Fair

Never break up your business relations in the middle of the deal. Finish your work – and then do whatever you wish. Do not let your customer know about your decision to break up with him the day before you had to upload his last enormous order. It's not just wrong according to the writing ethics. Firstly, it might hurt your reputation badly, secondly – the bad attitude gets people nowhere. Even if you consider your ex-customer a jackass – hold the rage back. Be a better person. And if he was nice to you, pay him back justly.

2. Be Polite

You never know, what waits for you in the future. New circumstances will appear and perhaps you will need to cooperate with this person again. Do not allow yourself be rude in any way. Try to choose your words wisely, explain, why you decided to stop cooperating with him and let your ex-customer know that you did appreciate him and your cooperation. Bear in mind: a word warmly said gives comfort even to a cat.

3. Be Reasonable

Whenever you decide to end your cooperation with somebody, think everything through for several times. If you do so, because you wish to go out of the business (end your activity as an academic writer) or because you are currently short of time and cannot take any more orders so far, perhaps it would be smart not to break your relations up, but simply to take a time out instead. And well, if your decision was made for personal reasons – well, make your breakup as gentle as possible.

Good luck!