Friday, July 18, 2014

Ready Freddy

So, you made up your mind. You got sulfur in your veins, devil watching through your eyes and, well, you are all set to work as an academic writer. But back off for a moment and think: what kind of order should you start with? Should it be a middle-sized essay? Or, perhaps, a set of short essays? Or should you work on a thesis paper? Well, it’s surely up to you, but perhaps my piece of advice will make the choice less difficult.

Easy Come, Easy Go

 Start with a small, easy order – and make sure that you have enough time to cope with it nicely. Perhaps you shouldn’t even start writing from scratch, but take an editing or rewriting order at first. Get acquainted with the structure, common styles and formatting. Certainly, you cannot get a lot of money for a small and easy order – but at least you might be absolutely sure that you will not fail and that you will get clean reputation.

Move On

Now, as you gained some necessary experience, you might take more complex orders – bigger essays, research papers and presentations. Anyways, try to write assignments on topics you are aware of. Do not write chemistry labs, for example, if you have major in economics. Try to be attentive to the details and the opinion of your clients.

Time for a Challenge

After you’ve been around quite for a while and got yourself a good reputation among clients, you might go on and challenge yourself for a little bit. Try to write a thesis paper or an analysis on an unfamiliar topic. But bear in mind – you don’t want to spoil everything you managed to achieve! Be careful, plan everything correctly. The risk should be justified. Do not take the order that is impossible for you to write. An academic writer should push his limits, but it doesn’t mean he has no limits at all.
Take your time, develop your skills and one day you’ll become a professional who is able to write any paper on any topic. I could write “a professional like me”, but, unfortunately, I do have limits when it comes to physics. Well… it leaves more available orders for you.