Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cyber Widow, Twoogle or I Love New English Words

I constantly come across newly coined English words while surfing the Internet. Usually they are connected with digital world and new technologies. But sometimes they just make my day :) I’ve decided to share my favorite new English words that I happily use in my everyday language!

  • procaffinating - the situation when you decide finally to do something only after drinking coffee.

Well, I think that it’s just the word I needed all my life! It perfectly describes my working process and when someone accuses me of procrastination I can easily defend myself with “Hell no! I am procaffinating.”

  • bag salmon - a passenger who moves in the opposite direction of deplaning passengers to get baggage from an overhead space.

There is always someone who is elbowing his/her way through the crowd like it’s the end of the world and he/she is running from zombies. Now, there is a special word that will help you to identify people who do this in the plane. “Hey! Who’s pushing there? - Never mind. It’s just another bag salmon”

  • lumbersexual  - a heterosexual man wearing lumberjack style outfit and a long beard

Coming across this word I finally understood who so called hipsters reminded me of. Lumberjacks! Men rack their brains over how to earn enough money to be stylish smoothies and pick up girls. It’s simple: just be a lumberjack! You don’t have to go to expenses because your work clothes is the hit of the season. A perfect crime :)

So, these are my personal “newbies” in English that I already use daily. I love the dynamic nature of the English language and I am always eager to find some new material to use in my writing. The world doesn’t stand still and so do people together with their main means of communication. And it’s wonderful.

I hope this post has lived up to your textpectations and you will definitely use these awesometastic words!
By the way, what are your favourite newly coined words in the English language? Let me know!