Monday, December 1, 2014

The Power of Music in Academic Writing

When the orders are especially big, tasks are alike and time passes slowly, many academic writers attempt to somehow entertain themselves without breaking away from work. Two safest ways to do it are fixing yourself a drink (tea, juice, coffee, whatever you like) or turning on the music. If you stand up and go to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee, you might find yourself reading a book or watching your cat play with his tail a half an hour later. So, if the deadline is close and you really do not intend to stop writing, the best way to make your working process a little less boring is to turn on the music.

If you decided on listening to music during the work, beware of possible distraction: you don’t want to lose concentration, on the contrary – you want to make it better. That is why such music styles as rock, jazz, rap, R’n’B and even pop are not acceptable to listen to while you write. One of the main causes is that the sound is intense, and the other one is that most rock/rap/pop songs actually include lyrics. The words will distract you, because you will think of their meaning and thus will not be paying attention to your own assignments.
No, if you do want to listen to anything – listen to classical music or movie soundtracks without lyrics. You could also listen to instrumental version of your favorite songs. These kinds of music will entertain and inspire you, and the writing process will become easier and much more exciting.
The classical music and movie OST could also be useful in case you have to work in a noisy place. For me it always was more comfortable to write while listening to music rather than while listening to people talking. Headphones and several favorite instrumental soundtracks will reliably seclude you from the outward things and help to carry on with the writing.