Monday, November 17, 2014

Writing in Slow Motion

During my whole academic writer career I had to face one phenomenon over and over again. I call it “slow motion writing”. It’s when you seemingly accomplish everything you were required to, but at the same time you spend twice as much time as usually. It’s really confusing and annoying, I remember it from experience. Fortunately for you, I invented certain methods that help avoid writing in slow motion, so just read and rememberJ

According to my experience, you get into the “slow motion” writing zone every time you grow really tired. I’m not even talking about a regular weariness, I mean the type of fatigue, which adds up with every day when you didn’t get enough sleep or rest. So the first and undeniable cure is a certain amount of sleep. Find some time for a rest, never let yourself wear out from all the work. You can’t do it all and you can’t get all the money in the world, bear this in mind.

There are some situations, though, when you are short of time and don’t have time for rest. What I would advise is short regular breaks – 15 minutes per hour, for example. 15 minutes of an absolute relaxation will help you concentrate better during the other 45 minutes.

However, there could also be another reason for writing in slow motion. Such change in working style often occurs due to multiple distractions. You work hard indeed, but at the same time you cannot stop yourself from checking e-mail and social networks from time to time. If you find yourself in such situation, simply store all the materials you need for work on your PC and then turn off the Internet and work offline. Checked and proved – slow motion will be over in a minute.