Monday, December 29, 2014

My New Year’s Resolution in Academic Writing

Well, Christmas is gone (and wasn’t it beautiful), and now it’s time for me to think of a nice list of self-improvement plans in academic writing for the next year. Honestly – my head is full of ideas, but I am a little worried that I might not be able to embody them all, so I will only write down the most plausible ones. So, here comes my professional New Year’s resolution:
1) I will always try to take orders that will challenge my skills and knowledge, and I will put all my efforts into writing them the best way I can.
2) I will be nice to my clients, even if they act like a horde of psychologically disturbed Godzillas and aren’t able to explain what exactly they want to see in their order.
3) I will not put away big orders till the last day before the deadline. It’s not like I cannot write a qualitative thesis paper within 24 hours… it’s just too stressful. And requires a terrifying amount of coffee.
4) I will take part in different writing challenges, especially in AcWriMo. The last one is a huge project and a great challenge, and I bet it will add significant credit to my professional self-development.
5) I will not allow myself to get distracted during my work. I will avoid Facebook as if I get allergic to it during my writing process. No messaging, no staring at the cute pictures of kittens. Just no.
6) I will find and read professional literature – and I will even try to provide my readers with reviews on particularly useful and interesting works.
7) After the year 2015 is over, I will come back to this list and make a report on what I accomplished and on what I didn’t.
So, this is all for now. I hope you guys had a good time on Christmas Eve and will have even better time on New Year’s Eve. I wish you all good luck and even more professional achievements. See you next year!