Saturday, December 10, 2016

5 Ways to Get Inspired by Winter

Winter is outside the window and most people believe that it is the main reason why they feel depressed every day. Snowing, windy weather and falling temperature are the things that dull our lives. But indeed, it is just our self-suggestion. Let’s have a look at the facts that prove that, on the contrary, winter is the season that brings us energy and inspiration for any kind of work.

1. Food

When we think about healthy food, we are usually reminded of the summer period. Actually, it is the stereotype that all the healthy products are harvested in the hot season. Have you ever mused that winter brings us not less vitamins than summer does? Now, let’s have a look at some growths that we can treat ourselves with in winter.

● Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the vegetables that we harvest in cold seasons, but the number of nutrients that it contains is even higher than in some summer products. As for the lettuce, it is a must to know that it brings a lot of benefits for our health. Such a vegetable is also known as a ‘weight loss’ food, as it has only 12 calories. Moreover, it helps to remove salts from our bodies. If you suffer from insomnia, it can also be very useful. Lettuce consists of lactucarium to grapple with a sleep disorder that is very similar to opiate, but also is less strong and has less side effects. In addition, it provides you with a vitamin A that is very important for our skin, hair and vision.

● Spinach

100 g of spinach contains 25% of daily intake of iron. Such a vegetable also provides you with vitamins A and C. Moreover, it is a great source of a vitamin K that is responsible for our bones. One or the most important is the vitamin B that is good for our nervous system.

● Broccoli

Broccoli is also one of the low calorie vegetables. It has just 34 calories per 100 g. It also supplies a lot of vitamin C to our organisms that are useful during a cold season to prevent catching viruses. The vitamin A, beneficial for eyesight, is also contained in such a vegetable. This product is extremely essential for women, as it contains folate that supports the organism during pregnancy , as it protects the neural tube defects in the offspring.

2. White Color

When we talk about winter, the first color that comes to our minds is white. This is the color of clarity, innocence and purity, so we respond to it positively. In addition, people regard such a color as a new beginning or rebirth. Have you ever noticed that it makes us calm and well concentrated? So, winter can be considered as the best season to start something new in your life, as well as to get inspired to work hard. As for the academic writers, it is the season to create masterpieces.

3. Family Time

As it is predominantly cold in winter, people spend much time at home with their relatives. So, such a season unites people together. During this season we can see many families sitting at home and playing board games, or they may create snowmen together, or even have fun, playing snowballs.

4. Less of Insomnia

As in winter it gets dark early, people get sleepy early too. Thus, even not knowing it, we spend much time sleeping. Consequently, we are more likely to work hard next day, as we have got enough sleep.

5. Financials

The greatest amount of money we spend on food. But, winter can be considered as a frugal season. It is almost a common thing that people have a lot of fruits and vegetables in their freezers, harvested in summer. So, there is no need to spend money on the healthy products that are important to our immunity. In this case, you save a lot, as in winter these products are three or even four times as more expensive as they are in summer.

As you can see there is no reason to consider winter as the main cause of your low mood. Eat healthy food, spend time with your closest people, get enough sleep to work as productively as you can, as well as get inspired by marvelous white snow outside to craft masterpieces.