Monday, November 21, 2016

9 Essential Benefits of Taking Part in the NaNoWriMo Contest

Today we are going to talk about the worldwide renowned contest NaNoWriMo. A great number of writers, take part in this event, starting from the newbies in this field to the professional writers, who just want to sharpen their skills and to reach one more goal.

Actually, I also take part in this competition and recommend everyone to join our circle of writers.

If someone does not know, what NaNoWriMo is, I will tell you in brief. It is a writing contest that everyone who wishes can join. The main idea is to write a 50,000 novel in a month. Sounds uneasy? You won’t know exactly if you don’t try.

As I have already told you, such a contest is oriented not only at fiction writers, but academic writers can also give it a shot. Unfortunately, most freelance writers neglect such a chance, and they decide not to waste time dealing with such a kind of writing. But, all those people stumble at this, as they do not understand how much they are going to gain. They don’t get that besides simple novel writing, they earn a great heap of benefits that will help them in any kind of writing. Thus, I’m going to show up all the cards! Here is a list of benefits that you will gain as a bonus to reaching your goals:

1. Discipline

While writing a 50,000-word novel, you have to do your best to meet the deadline and to submit the piece on time. In this case you discipline yourself to overcome this challenge as well as bolster your self-esteem. Consider it as a new goal to be reached.

2. Arranging Time

While schooling yourself to discipline, you also learn to arrange your time properly. Such a skill is really needed for the academic writers, as the amount of money you earn, depends on the amount of orders you complete. Being able to arrange your time the right way will help you to handle more assignments at a time.

3. Less Lame Excuses

When you get down to work, you understand that you are the only person, who is really interested in completing the task as soon as possible to get down to another one. So, not to consider yourself lazy, you will do your best to overcome the challenge.

4. Communicating the Message

Being able to communicate the idea through the piece is a great skill for academic writers. To become a master at it, you have to practice a lot in writing different papers. Such a contest will give you a chance to practice more. As such a writing is a bit different from those that they used to face, it is a greater advantage to practice in it.

5. Logical Line of Thoughts

Rendering the message is very important for writers, but it always has to be supported by logical arrangement. When a person reads a paper, he/she would like to find some answers to the questions he/she has. So, when you communicate the idea to the reader, remember to provide him/her with the information gradually. Make your sentences flow out from the previous ones.

6. Planning

When you have some limitation on time to submit the piece, you have to plan your work. So, here is one more benefit that you will gain. Being able to plan your writing the right way will also help you cover more orders as well as will help you to structure your logical line of thoughts. And it concerns not only arranging time, but planning the structure, the content as well.

7. Command of English

To make people consider you as a master at writing, you have to correspond to such a name. And the most common item that can damage such a name is being unaware of the correct spelling of words, grammar usage and, of course, punctuation. As we know the best way is to practice as much as possible. The NaNoWriMo contest is a great chance to do this.

8. Developing Intelligence

When you write papers on different topics, you are studying at the same time. The information that you use, while dealing with the order, stick in your head, and you even without knowing get more intelligent. Why not broaden your outlook with the help of fiction writing? That is also very interesting.

9. Experience in Novel Writing

Sometimes we do not even know what we will do tomorrow, as well as writers do not know what they are going to write about next day. Such a contest may open up your new talents. If you have never dealt with novel writing, it is a great chance to try yourself in fiction writing. Maybe you will understand that this kind of writing is the best to you. And in some time you will present your full novel, sharing with your readers the way how you have become a writer.

When a person tries something new, it provides him/her with new experience. It’s better to regret your participation than to regret the fact that you have lost such a chance. There are some similar contests that you also can take part in. One of the renowned is AcWriMo, where academic writers show up their writing skills.

As you can see, there is much more that you gain in case of taking part in such a competition. Hope now you are opening the NaNoWriMo page and registering for the participation.

Thus, wish you good luck! :)