Sunday, March 20, 2016

5 Interesting Facts about Norway That I Found out During Writing for My Client

Well, you know that working as a freelance academic writers requires a lot of research. Thus, when I complete writing assignments for my clients, I get to know tons of new interesting data that I sometimes want to share with the world. That’s why I have decided to write from time to time posts on interesting facts which I find out during writing for my clients.

And today’s post is dedicated to Norway. I had to write a research essay about this beautiful country and as a result I got much pleasure doing it. Norway is one of the places of my particular interest due to its natural landscapes and winter resorts. Of course, my knowledge of it hasn’t been any deeper than of an average Internet user but I thought I knew enough. It turned out that I was wrong.

Global Peace Index says that Norway is the most peaceful country in the world. Well, when I came across this fact, it seemed to me logical because I have never heard about Norway being engaged in any internal or external conflicts, though I have never thought about this aspect.

London has been getting its Christmas tree from Oslo for the last 15 years. Given the natural constituent of this country, it comes as a no surprise that the capital of England is supplied by the best forests of Europe.

Drunk driving results in 30 days in prison and the loss of license for a year. These consequences may really stop people from driving under influence.

Norway has about 450 000 lakes. I’m sure that this impressive number of lakes makes the nature of the country even more beautiful.

Norway has made parental leave compulsory. There are some countries that have done the same thing but Norway was the first one.

In my view, Norway is an amazing country and when somebody asks me where I would live if I got to choose another place of residence, I always mention Norway.