Wednesday, July 8, 2015

“Writing Agency of Spring 2015” Award with!

Here it is! Finally, the event where you can pay tribute to your favorite writing agency and choose the winner of the Spring 2015! is holding the “Writing Agency of Spring 2015” Contest, where freelance academic writers can choose the winning writing agencies in several categories. For example, “the most writer-friendly agency” encourages you to select the service with the best conditions of work for its employees. “The most generous agency” suggests choosing the company with the highest salaries (it will be interesting to know :)). “The most punctual agency” means that your employer doesn’t delay your payments and sends everything on time. “The most demanding agency” supports your choice of the company that has the highest quality standards and “the agency with the best design” is a service that has the most functional and creative website and makes you want to visit it again. So, that’s it. A wide range of choice I would say.

I suppose this is also a great opportunity for me to express my gratitude to the best writing agency for me – ThePensters. I’ve been working with this company for almost 5 years now and I have only positive emotions and associations with it. And, of course, I will vote for ThePensters :)
So, dear writers! Get to your computers, click this link, create your own accounts and vote for your favorite writing agency … or for ThePensters :).
Thank you!

P.S. If you have concerns that your writing agency will find out you haven’t voted for them, don’t worry! The voting process is totally confidential. So, this is your chance to express your opinion on this or that writing company and share with the public.