Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Name’s Lily and I’m in Writer’s Support Group

Of course, there are writers in the world who can shape and develop their talents without any external help. And they are better on their own. Bust most of writers gather knowledge from the surrounding world: books, mentors and writing colleagues.

 There are numerous websites, Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups that share tips and guidelines on how to improve your writing quality and productivity and it seems that these people are real professionals with deep expertise in the field. And it’s really great because there is a mere part of information you can’t find nowadays (God bless the Internet). But what can you do when you happen to look for the answers and don’t come across them after all? That’s right! You ask questions.

From my experience being a member of previously mentioned communities in the web gives writers an advantage to stay relevant and know all the tendencies of the writing world. And it seems that these are the places where you can pose questions and get the answers. But frankly speaking, when I really needed some advice and guidelines, these were not my first aid post. I was shy and couldn’t make myself type a question and, to tell the truth, I was too afraid to appear stupid or incompetent in front of my colleagues. That was silly and I know this now. But back then, I was in search of help and that’s when I discovered special writer’s support groups. I got what I needed and most importantly, I overcame this barrier and started to ask questions without any hesitation.

Now there are many online resources like The Self-Doubting Writers Support Group where you can surf the forum pages and find the information you need (or better to say the confidence you lack) and start your own talk. Another helpful web site is Insecure Writer’s Support Group which offers various information and writing tips together with announcement of different relevant events. Also you can follow Writing Meetups and share your views or seek the answers in live communication.

As you can see there are loads of opportunities you can make use of and there is nothing shameful in the fact that you need help. It’s natural. So, push your fears aside and go for it! Maybe that’s the solution that will change your life.