Thursday, January 5, 2017

What Did You Achieve? Let’s Say Goodbye to 2016’s Monkey and Meet the 2017’s Rooster

The 2016 is almost over and it’s time to sum up all the things that have happened to us during this year. At times, it was quite hard, but I am sure that there were a lot of pleasant moments that we will recall in 2017 with smiles on our faces.
As for me, the year of monkey was really crazy and inquisitive as they are themselves. A great number of activities have not been letting me be bored and sit without any work. There was really no time to search the web in order to find some activities to take part in. Actually, I’m not complaining, I really like these moments when I do what I like. It is said that our life is a motion, and I totally agree with it.

So, today I want to share with you the most important things that have happened to me, and that I will remember forever.

Long-Awaited Trip

I think every employed person will understand me that sometimes it is quite hard even to devote some time to our relatives and friends. But, even if we have some spare days to relax, it’s hard to completely forget about the job. This year has provided me with the opportunity to get a long-awaited trip to Spain. Actually, it happened very spontaneously and I wasn’t ready for such a turn of events, but at one moment I have told myself ‘Now, or never!’ and set off on a journey.

Guys, do not neglect chances that you get on the spot in order not to regret untapped opportunities.

Writing Challenge

The best way to sharpen your writing skills is to practice them again and again. This year I have held a writing contest that is very similar to the well-known annual NaNoWriMo. When NaNoWriMo’s main benefit is that you can try your efforts in fiction writing, my challenge has a bit different aim. It was just for academic writers. Having announcing the challenge, I even did not think that such a great number of academic writers would embrace the idea. I have met a lot of great writers who are just on their start of the career path, but I’m sure that they will reach their target dreams and will become professionals.

Remember, nothing will come to you by itself! You have to do your best as well as to make efforts to reach your goals. Hope that next year we will see yet more academic writers taking part in our contest.

Member of the Hanging Committee

Practicing for academic writers is everything. They try to do this everywhere, as with the help of modern technologies they can do this easily. This year EssayLancers has held a writing challenge, and I was suggested to be an expert. At first, it seemed quite hard and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but how I would know if I didn’t try. Thus, I made a decision to try myself in this sphere. To be honest, it was so great that I am already looking forward to the next chance of such an experience. I was really impressed that such a lot of freelance academic writers are interested in taking part in such kinds of activities. One of the conclusions that I have made is that it was a good practice for me as an editor and proofreader.

So, I have shared with you some of the best events that I faced last year. Hope you passed it also with pleasure and do not regret anything that was done.

In the conclusion, I want to wish you all the best in 2017. Let all the pleasant things still stay with you, and all the worst ones be left in the 2016. Wish you to reach all your goals as well as set new ones! Roosters are quite persistent, so let’s follow the main character of this year and purposefully be on a course to the success!

Happy New year, friends!