Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Do You Treat Your Books Well?

As I’ve told before and won’t miss the opportunity to mention this again, I am a reading geek. You also know that I have a clear book weight, a waterproof book cover bath bag and a handmade reading nook to support the fact that I’m a true reading geek. I will not go on rambling about how books are important, why I love them because people who understand me definitely get everything without words. This post is not for this. I am writing now because I need your help and soon you’ll know why.

To tell the truth I can’t pass any bookstore without stopping by and eventually buying another thrilling story that goes up in the line of my to-read list. By the way, my last purchase was “Warlock” by Wilbur Smith. It is really good. Can’t tear myself way from it.

But that’s not the point. Over the past 5 years I have gathered a massive collection of books and it is great because I have always dreamt of my personal library. However, I have faced another problem: I don’t really have space to keep them. Me, two girls, my husband and two pets: you know what I mean when I say that it’s really difficult to squeeze some free space. So, as a result all my books are scattered around the house: in drawers, on coffee tables, bedside tables, window sills or even on the floor. And when I realized the fact that I’m committing a book crime and eventually I won’t be able to call myself a book lover, I decided to change my attitude and find a perfect place for them. I decided to make a perfect book case. 

I’ve already have chosen a place in the living room without direct sunlight and not close to the heater. I think that’ll help to keep them safe from damaging.
But my biggest concern is the design of the bookcase. I can’t really figure out whether it has to be a book case or just compact book shelves. Of course, I’ve searched the Internet and found a lot of beautiful variants as you can see here. But what I really need is a good advice.

So, my dear friends, do you treat your book well? Where do you store them? What do you think is better: a bookcase or book shelves?
I will be really grateful for your response cause I need help to go on being a true reading geek and only you can help me!

P.S. Actually can’t afford it but it’s my dream!