Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Get Good Essay Orders

When you are just a beginner and have no particular client base, the easiest way to get orders and money is to find a custom writing service and work there. However, even clients of a custom writing service prefer authors with experience to newbies, and because of that a beginner rarely gets a decent order. You either get to write a difficult assignment for a low price, or a small and insignificant text for a low price. Both ways you don’t get the credit and the payment you deserve.

However, I know several tips that might help you attract a good customer.

First, don’t forget to provide work samples. Yes, I know you haven’t got a single order so far – so what? Just write an essay on any topic you wish. There is no need to make it long – 350-600 words will be enough. The essay sample is necessary, because in most cases this is the only way a customer might find out about your skills and writing style (by looking at your previous work).
Second, at the beginning of your career always put an average price for your services. You should never use dumping as your pricing policy – not because it is unfair, but because it will hurt your interests more than it will hurt your competitors. Customers have a good memory – if they remember that you evaluated your own work cheap, they won’t be much willing to give you more money in future.
Third, try to be relatively creative when offering your services. Make sure there is something in your account, appearance and messages that differs you from other writers – and by “something” I don’t mean the lack of experience. Think of a special detail that will help people remember you. Just don’t get carried away – customers usually get scared off by extremely creative authors. After all, you work in the field of academic writing, not in a clown academy.